Running in New York City - man city runner jogging in street of Manhattan with yellow taxi caps cars and traffic. Urban lifestyle image of male jogger training downtown. Legs and running shoes.

I love to run and be around people while doing so which is why I participate in races – they motivate me to run faster and longer. Unfortunately most races in New York City are expensive. If you enjoy racing in New York I’ve found the best, low cost options are Active.Com and the New York Road Runners (NYRR).

Registration for is $69.95 that includes access to races throughout the U.S. This is a good option for those who enjoy venturing out of the city. Once registered on their website fees for each race are avoided. After registering for four races the fifth is free resulting in a savings of ~$70. It’s important to retain your receipts from each race, as you’ll need to submit them to get the 5th race at no charge. downsides are there aren’t too many races in NYC affiliated with this club and the few I participated in were not well organized.

For NYC-only runners, NYRR, is the best option. Registration fee for NYRR is $40 annually. Once you’re a member there’s a courtesy savings of ~$5 on races that are priced from $30 – $50. They offer a ‘9+1’ program for runners interested in the NYC Marathon. In addition to the NYC Marathon they organize some of the best races including the NYC half marathon and Brooklyn half marathon.

After completing nine qualifying races plus volunteering at one race of your choice (e.g., helping setup, providing water to runners etc.) access to the New York Marathon is guaranteed. For a non-professional runner this is the only way to be guaranteed a spot in the world’s most famous marathon. The NYRR’s races are well organized. You’ll have access to bag checks, drinks and fresh fruit at the end of a race. Who could ask for anything more?!


italian pasta


Since moving to NYC from Italy three years ago I really miss my country’s food. Manhattan has great Italian restaurants like home but others you absolutely want to avoid.

COFFEE: If you enjoy starting your day with a good espresso or cappuccino there aren’t many options. Starbucks is good for overpriced coffee that, coming from Italy, tastes lousy. The places I’d recommend is La Colombe and Eataly. In Eataly you can find a very good coffee bar, some amazing restaurants, and groceries similar to those found in Italy. Eataly is unique as it only carries Italian brands including cheese, homemade pasta and fresh meat. It’s pricey but worthwhile due to quality.

PIZZA: There’s delicious thin crust pizza at Numero 28. They have several joints around the city and it’s also a nice venue for parties. Motorino is a small, romantic venue. Reservations aren’t accepted so suggest going during the week versus weekends or holidays.

LUNCH & DINNER: There are several amazing Italian restaurants you can try. Personally, I’m a big fan of Serafina. If you go try their Focaccia di Sofia. This homemade focaccia has cheese in it with a very tasty truffle oil on top.  Serafina is priced right and you will feel like you’re eating in Italy! They have several locations in the city; perfect for lunch or dinner. My favorite Serafina’s location is in Meatpacking district. After dinner you’re just a few steps away from enjoying New York’s fun nightlife. For specialities from Rome try Maialino – among the best pasta in Manhattan. Owned by the Union Square Hospitality Group, this is a non-tipping restaurant with Italian style hospitality. It’s not fancy—i.e., there are paper tablecloths. servers place bottled water on your table instead of serving it etc. but personally I love this.

FANCY DINING: For a more upscale dining experience there’s Del Posto, owned by Joe Bastianich. If your party has more than five people you can only choose from their fixed menu, which I wouldn’t recommend. Price is over $100 per person without wine. Slightly less expensive but also fancy is Scarpetta. You’ll need to reserve at least a couple of weeks ahead but worth the wait. They serve amazing cocktails (definitely worth to try the Negroni Invecchiato), and have a deliciously diversified menu.